Sur Woodworking is a proud, indigenous family owned woodworking shop based in Des Moines, WA. Everything we create is done with the the goal of offering something made with love that will last a lifetime.

Our Story

For years, I have been utilizing my skill and passion for woodworking to develop custom furniture and to make a variety of works for friends, family, and for women’s charities via a charity I co-founded with fellow woodworker Jamie Henwood, Henwood & Sur’s Goodworking

As a lifelong musician and artist, I discovered that woodworking gave me the same satisfaction and artistic outlet that music does and I see woodworking as an extension of  my artistic pursuits and my drive to foster community. 

Most know me as the founder of Artist Home and music festivals like Timber! Outdoor Music Festival where we’ve aspired to cultivate community and to create settings where people connect and create lasting memories with each other. This drive to create community and to help cultivate unforgettable memories is what drives me to make the featured products we do. The thought of the countless meals shared at one of our picnic tables, the conversations had while sitting in our Adirondack chairs or the memories a tiny holiday ornament can create, bring me such a great joy and serve as the inspiration to make only things that will stand the test of time. 

Thank you for visiting, I hope we can make something you cherish very soon.

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