Cutting Board Care

Keep it Fed

The best way to keep your cutting board from drying and cracking is by keeping it fed with mineral oil.  Mineral oil is inexpensive and can be found in most any drug store. You can also purchase mineral oil online.  Once you’ve applied mineral oil to your cutting board surface, you can help seal that oil in by using cutting board conditioner, which is a combination of mineral oil and beeswax .

Simply wipe mineral oil on your board occasionally or any time it appears dry. The wood will drink up the oil and the oil will push water and bacteria out of the board. 

Cleaning Your Board

The mineral oil in your board works to push foreign liquid and bacteria out of the board itself.  Most uses of your board only requires a wipe down with a wet cloth. If you have a particular messy board that need scrubbing, use as little soap and water as needed to clean in and let it dry. 

DO – Wipe your board with mineral oil and conditioner at least every 6 months and as often as you like.

DON’TLet your board sit in water or on a wet surface for an extended period of time.

DON’T  – Wash your board in a dishwasher