Mountable Garden Planters – $25

Our garden planters offer a beautiful space utilizing solution for planting herbs, strawberries, flowers, or any container plant. The planter’s angle offers your plants more exposure to both the sun and the eyes of admirers. They are made from cedar and, like all our products, are handcrafted and come with a two-year warranty.

The planters are pre-drilled for easy attachment to either a vertical post or horizontal rail in any wood deck or fence. We will supply the screws needed to install them.

They measure 18 inches long, 6 inches deep at the base, and 6 inches tall.

Please note that there are purposeful gaps in these planters’ bottoms so that plants get appropriate drainage. We suggest choosing gravel or gardening felt to help keep soil in while water drains out.

Reclaimed Planter Boxes – $80

*Only available for pick up or free delivery within 40 miles of Des Moines, WA*

We’re happy to offer a limited number of our Japanese Style Planter Boxes. These boxes are made from 100% reclaimed cedar (from various local sources), giving each box its own aged character. Being a reclaimed material also makes these products a celebration of sustainability!

Each box is 26 inches tall and 24 inches wide at the top. The boxes’ outside and tops are all coated in polyurethane for visual contrast and finish and to create a layer of protection from the elements.